Why Web Design?

2020 was a year like no other. We saw small businesses struggle as stay-at-home orders were implemented. Companies that did not have a website saw their sales decrease. Wanting to help these companies, Travis Monroe started offering a full range of web design services. These services are perfect for the small business that needs help increasing their online presence.

Real success in the digital field takes an unwavering ability to adapt. New technologies and platforms are created monthly, and staying on top of these changes can be a daunting task. To handle the changes, Travis Monroe went back to school to study different analytical software. Equipped with MBA, Travis Monroe is now ready to help the small business owner achieve their dream.

Freelance Web Designer

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Travis Monroe is a digital marketing freelancer, with 8+ years of experience analyzing small businesses processes, financials, and marketing strategies. My background in financial analysis and web design makes me the perfect candidate for your company. I am passionate about understanding the nuances of how small businesses operate and consider myself a “forever student.”

I believe that teamwork and open communication is the key to success and I take that approach with every project. From the initial call to the finish line, we will work together to complete the project at hand. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and welcome you to my website. 

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Why You Should Hire a Freelance Web Designer

1. Fair Market Pricing

One of the main reasons to hire a freelance web developer is the pricing. Many digital marketing companies have to charge an absurd amount to cover stay and other operating expenses. As a freelancer, I make sure my pricing is in line with the business needs. There is no need to charge a small business client $5,000 for a minimal website. My objective is to help small businesses grow, not destroy their pockets. Check out my services page for additional details about pricing.

2. Excellent Customer Service

One of the main reasons for hiring a freelance web developer is customer service. Large digital agencies often overlook the small business owners. As I freelancer, I can give these owners the attention they need. You will have a direct line to the web designer and will be able to ask questions at any design stage. I strive to create an environment that is based on open communication. I believe that every customer is valued and should be treated with the utmost respect. Throughout the web design process, I will make sure all of your questions are answered and that your needs are met.

3. Design Quality

All websites are built with the power of WordPress, which is one of the most popular content management systems. WordPress is so popular that it makes up at least 35% of all websites made on the web. By using WordPress, I can assure you that your website will have an impeccable structure. Additionally, your website can be mobile responsive and easy to manage.

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